Mgr. Michal MusilDSCN3481

Trainee Advocate
T: +420 567 215 880

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law, Master’s Degree (Mgr.) (2013)

Michal Musil is a trainee-advocate in the law firm of JUDr. Jan Havlíček focusing mainly on commercial law with an emphasis on contract law, corporate law, claims management and enforcement. He also specializes in civil law, especially in the field of enforcing claims and rights to real property, but also in criminal law and domestic arbitration.
Before joining the law firm of JUDr. Jan Havlíček he worked as a trainee at the District Court in Jihlava.

Selected transactions for various clients:

  • Legal representation of corporations in enforcing their claims in court, arbitration and execution proceedings
  • Legal representation in criminal cases of robbery, attempted rape, abuse of power, grievous bodily harm, extortion, theft, and disorderly conduct
  • Consulting and legal services in dealing with insolvency and bankruptcy, preparing and submitting an application for the insolvency proceedings, auction and liquidation
  • Legal representation in dealing with bills of exchange
  • Preparing contracts of sale, contracts of donation, and contracts for work, submitting applications to enter a record in the Land Registry when dealing with real estate transfers
  • Preparing and revising general contracts and general terms and conditions of corporations
  • Providing legal services to associations of flat owners in drawing up articles of association and the owner’s declaration, and in disputes concerning the performance
  • Providing legal services to clients who provide non-banking loans and settling disputes
  • Guardianship during proceedings to examine the admissibility of being taken to an institute of health and being held there